i’m watching 13 Going on 30 and the moral of the story is be nice to the nerd who loves you and lives next door because in like 20 years he’s gonna turn into Mark Ruffalo

It occurred to me why they call it eye contact. I walked into the circle and sat down next to Isaac, two seats away from the boy. I glanced again. He was still watching me.

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He comes on with his big, innocent farm boy routine, but I could see through that in a Peloponnesian minute.

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone | Iconic Lines
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There is a light in all of us.

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Her look when she wants to eat

Then how does anyone ever seem to move on?

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@real_liam_payne:Thank you for all the birthday wishes :D makes me feel very very special your the best.

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where are my glasses?
— anyone who’s ever had glasses (via communistbakery)
She just wanted to be part of the lifestyle. The lifestyle that everybody kinda wants.
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